Golf courses are naturally beautiful from the birds eye view, but are often less interesting while one plays. This is due to the lack of perspective from the players point of view.

Like in photography, the difference between good and great design is the perspective. Balance, harmony and framing are all elements important in providing the best possible experience for the player. To insure good visibility of all hazards not only creates a fair and interesting experience, it highlights the playing surfaces and beauty of the golf course. 


It is important for me to make a strong point here: Challenging does not mean difficult! 

The beauty of the game of golf is that it truly is a game for everyone. For most, golf is demanding without an excess of obstacles along the way and every hazard presents a problem. It takes true understanding to create golf holes that provide a reasonable challenge to the average player, yet make the best in the game consider the options from tee to green. KrauseGolfDesign has made a name for itself by not forgetting about the days when people want to enjoy themselves. 


When you think of a golf course, or indeed, your favorite golf holes there, what do you remember?  Was it the challenge? Was there a significant landmark or view that made the hole special for you?  At KrauseGolfDesign we strive to discover and highlight significant elements on every hole, to make them unique in the golf round - and to create something special if there is not.


The word sustainable has become common in today's business language, but it has always been a part of our design process. The creation or retention of habitat is vital to good design work because it is precisely these habitats that make the golf course interesting!  When you put your head down, nearly every golf course looks the same… Turfgrass cut at different heights providing different shades of green. It is the hazards, biotops and other features that make a golf course unique.  With professional golf course design, they offer a tremendous opportunity for nature, provide enjoyment for all levels of play and reduce the maintenance on the golf course to areas where the game is played.