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Golf Club Buchholz-Nordheide

Essener Golfclub Haus Oefte

Hamburger Golf-Club Falkenstein

Golf Club Hanau-Wilhelmsbad

Hamburger Land- & Golf-Club Hittfeld

Golfpark Leinetal

Golfclub Gutshof Papenburg

Vestischer Golfclub Recklinghausen

Golf Club Spessart

Stuttgart Golf Club

Golf Club auf der Wendlohe

Golfclub Weselerwald

With respect to the existing character...

The renovation of a golf course is a very complex task.  A golf club will often contact our office when they have concerns regarding their maintenance conditions or when they want to make their golf course more challenging or attractive.  

Although some of the improvements may seem straightforward, they are not, because no matter what condition the golf course may be in, one thing is certain... Members love their golf course and many take a very personal interest in any changes that are being considered.

At KrauseGolfDesign we take this fact very seriously and our approach is to always keep the Client in mind. We have become specialists in LISTENING, to understand clearly the wants and needs of the club. And also in COMMUNICATING our ideas to the club using specialized tools and programs in a manner in which they can understand so they feel comfortable with our proposals before the work actually takes place.

KrauseGolfDesign is proud to have worked with the renowned clubs on the following pages and look forward to assisting you one day to assist in realizing your goals.

We would like to thank Stefan von Stengel for his generosity to provide us with picture material used on some of our pages.